How Nav boosted the quality of their research with Lyssna's Screeners

We speak with Jenn Wolf, Senior Director of CX at Nav.


Discover how Jenn Wolf from Nav used the Screeners feature to customize their target audience to a more granular level, improving the quality of their user research.

Nav is a company that specializes in credit and financial well-being for small businesses, providing business owners with a range of tools and resources to effectively manage their credit and finances. 

By offering personalized insights and tailored financial solutions, Nav demonstrates their commitment to providing seamless customer experiences.

Nav Case Study

Leading this charge is Jenn Wolf, the Senior Director of Customer Experience (CX). Jenn’s primary focus is on driving positive customer experiences through research and insights, helping teams build better experiences for customers.

To achieve this, Jenn and her team use Lyssna. While Lyssna was already part of Nav's toolkit when Jenn joined, the addition of our Screeners feature has had a transformative impact on their CX strategy, enabling more precise and impactful research.


As Jenn explains, "We needed a way to gain valuable insights about the usability of our site and the needs of our customers through quantitative research."  The goal was to launch surveys and other quantitative tests to achieve this. 

"We needed a solution that would allow us to gain quantitative insights through online research to understand, monitor, and improve our customer experiences."

Jenn Wolf

Senior Director of Customer Experience (CX)

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Another priority for the team was testing with the right audience. As Nav focuses on small businesses, it was important to be able to talk directly with this audience and refine the targeting even further within this group.

So, when the opportunity to join the beta testing of the Screeners feature came up, Jenn was quick to jump on board.

“It was fantastic to see how quickly the product team responded to suggestions as we started to use the feature. Having screener capabilities is very helpful to us.”

Jenn Wolf

Senior Director of Customer Experience (CX)


The introduction of Lyssna’s Screeners feature was a game-changer for Jenn and her team. With Screeners, they can now hone in on gathering insights that are directly relevant and impactful for their customers. "The segment we work with, small business owners, is huge and diverse,” she explains.

“Screeners gives us the ability to customize our audience to a much more granular level and therefore improves the quality of our research."

Jenn Wolf

Senior Director of Customer Experience (CX)

Nav Case Study

Jenn and her team employ a variety of methodologies, from naming surveys to scheduling interviews for their own case studies. "We’ve leveraged nearly all of the test types, interview capabilities, and panels for recruiting," Jenn says.

“The interview features have been incredibly helpful to us as we consistently perform both qualitative and quantitative, and we’ve been very happy with the quality of the panel participants.”

Jenn Wolf

Senior Director of Customer Experience (CX)

With a strong UX culture, Jenn strongly advocates for frequent testing. When asked about their testing schedule, she responds, "Constantly, at least one test and one interview cycle per month!".

Jenn also appreciates the platform's intuitive design, highlighting its ease of use and the quality of the results. She adds, "The results are great for quick readouts and can also be downloaded for deeper analysis."

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Jenn and her team have seen real impact through regular testing, using a variety of methodologies, and the introduction of screener questions. Here are some key results they’ve experienced.

Significant insights

The insights gathered have helped Jenn continuously improve their customer experience. She shares, "With screener capabilities and a participant panel to recruit from, we are gathering meaningful insights from relevant, quality candidates.”

These insights have played a big role in informing their strategies and optimizing their offerings for small business owners.

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Testing doesn't have to drain your budget. As Jenn shares, "Lyssna has allowed us to very efficiently run good research with a very small team in a cost-efficient manner." 

You can carry out meaningful testing without breaking the bank, regardless of your team size.

Consolidating their research tool kit

"With the feature additions of interviews and screeners, we’ve been able to reduce the number of research tools needed to support our work and are able to conduct research more efficiently," Jenn explains. This consolidation of tools has simplified their workflow and enhanced productivity.

"The team at Lyssna is also top-notch, from the live chat help to the responsiveness of the product team. I recommend Lyssna to my peers whenever I have the opportunity."

Jenn Wolf

Senior Director of Customer Experience (CX)

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