Financial insights that pay off

Lyssna enables strategic decision-making grounded in comprehensive insights.

An all-in-one user research platform

Using a range of Lyssna’s different research methods, financial providers can optimize both digital interfaces and customer relationships.

Understand what your customers need and expect with surveys.

Refine the usability of your financial services website or app with a range of usability tests.

Test messaging and financial terminology to ensure users understand complex offerings.

Get to know your customers on a deeper level

Transform financial data into actionable insights. Use preference testing and conduct targeted surveys to make sense of your customers. With Lyssna you can: 

Optimize critical touch points like product pages through preference testing for maximum conversions.

Tailor services for specific customer segments using targeted surveys based on demographics.

Assess customer satisfaction and loyalty through surveys, identifying areas for improvement.

Create user-centric designs for seamless transactions

Cut through the complexities of financial transactions. Lyssna ensures financial processes are not only efficient but also user-centric.

Improve usability by assessing UI comprehension through design surveys for financial transaction interfaces.

Understand user preferences in financial scenarios using targeted surveys, optimizing digital interfaces accordingly.

Optimize for a user's first click to make sure they can navigate a seamless transaction experience.


“The navigation test is god's gift to UI designers. It probably has the best power-to-simplicity ratio of any software, ever.”

Nick Franklin,

CEO at ChartMogul

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