At Lyssna, we understand the critical role continuous research plays in the product development process from strategy to launch. To build exceptional products and deliver outstanding user experiences, you need a way to understand the needs, wants, and pain points of your users at every step.

However, the current landscape of research software is marked by fragmentation, requiring researchers to navigate a myriad of tools and clunky processes.

We recognize the challenges you face – the escalating platform costs, limited resources in terms of both time and budget, and the need for frequent research. Enter Lyssna, where we believe that research should be easy, fast, and accessible for everyone. Our goal is to eliminate the barriers hindering your continuous research efforts, allowing you to gain insights swiftly and seamlessly to validate your decisions.

To deliver on this promise, we've developed a comprehensive platform that consolidates surveys, usability testing, and recruitment. We’re excited to now add user interview scheduling, recruitment and screening – as well as storage and transcription of your interview recordings – to our affordable, user-friendly solution. 

Let’s explore Interviews from Lyssna in more detail.

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Save time and streamline organization

With Interviews from Lyssna, you can easily plan, recruit, and schedule your moderated studies. Setting up a new study is quick and simple, so you can focus on your research without getting bogged down by admin tasks.

Set up your moderated study

We’ve built in sensible defaults so you can create a new study in just a few clicks. Edit your study’s landing page, create a screener, manage hosts, and set booking availability all from the one screen.

Tailor participant selection with automated screening

Refine your participant pool with a custom screener. Define specific criteria to align participants with your study’s objectives. Save time and enhance efficiency by automating the qualification and disqualification process based on participant responses. 

Our system streamlines screening, enabling you to focus on the most relevant candidates for your study.

Crafting an impactful screener survey is pivotal for successful research. Elevate your screening process with our guide on writing effective screener survey questions

Seamless calendar integration

Ensure everyone is on track by seamlessly scheduling interviews into each team member’s calendar. As a host, you can select preferred calendars, allowing availability checks for sessions to only be booked when all hosts are free. 

Interviews by Lyssna

Native integration with Zoom and Google

Integrate your study seamlessly with popular platforms such as Zoom and Google. This native integration allows you to conduct your studies without the hassle of juggling between different tools.

Set availability and duration

Efficiently plan your study by setting availability and duration, including any necessary buffers. This ensures that your research sessions align with your schedule, allowing you to focus on obtaining valuable insights.

Elevate your research practice

Join over 320,000+ marketers, designers, researchers, and product leaders who use Lyssna to make data-driven decisions.

Recruit the right participants with ease

Recruiting participants for your studies is quick and straightforward. Whether you prefer to recruit from your network or from the Lyssna panel, our recruitment features cater to your needs.

Additionally, automated emails cover every aspect of the participant interaction journey, including invitations, confirmations, reminders, cancellations, and rescheduling – whether you’re recruiting from your own network or from the Lyssna panel. Experience a reduction in no-shows with timely and automated communication.

Interviews by Lyssna

Recruit from your network

You can easily segment your audience into different groups. This is helpful if you need to accommodate different hosts or incentives. All you need to do is generate a separate recruitment link for each group. There aren’t any restrictions on the number of links you can create, and you can customize each link to meet the specific needs of your study.

There are a number of ways you can customize recruitment links:

  • Automatic vs manual selection: Choose between automatic and manual participant selection, giving you control over the recruitment process.

  • Limit bookings per link: Manage participants efficiently by setting limits on the number of bookings per recruitment link.

  • Customize incentives: Assign incentives based on your audience, so you can create personalized offers.

Recruit from the Lyssna research panel

Recruit the right people for your study quickly and easily from the Lyssna research panel

  • Place multiple orders for different demographic targets: This gives you the flexibility to interview a greater breadth of participants in a single study.

  • No limits on the number of panelists you recruit: Enjoy unrestricted access to Lyssna panelists, which means you can recruit participants without limitations.

  • Filter by required demographics: Prioritize your recruitment needs by selecting participants based on the specific demographics essential for your study.

  • Screen Lyssna panelists: Refine your participant pool by screening Lyssna panelists based on your custom screener questions, ensuring a tailored and relevant selection.

  • Choose automatic bookings or handpick based on screener responses: For efficiency, allow eligible participants to automatically make a booking. For control over participant selection, handpick participants based on their screener responses. Find the balance between speed and control that best suits your study.

  • Incentives handled by Lyssna: Let us take care of incentives, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process for both you and your participants.

Explore how TrueCar benefited from the Lyssna research panel

“The bedrock of any in-depth interview capability is the audience, and the audience that I was introduced to were on time, succinct, and handled direction fluidly, and we're most importantly able to think out loud.”

Efficiently manage and track participants

Bid farewell to spreadsheets and scattered information. Lyssna provides a single view to manage and track all your participants. 

Interviews by Lyssna

A unified overview

  • View applicants and their status: Gain a consolidated view of all invited participants, along with their current status, in a single, easily accessible location.

  • Bulk invite users to a session: Simplify the process of inviting multiple participants to book a session with our bulk invite functionality, saving you time and effort.

  • Participant information drawer: Access detailed participant information through a convenient drawer. With these details at your fingertips, you can easily prepare for your interviews.

Proactive session management

  • View upcoming sessions and manage hosts: Stay on top of your schedule by viewing upcoming sessions. You can add or remove hosts from individual teams to make it easy to coordinate who is participating in each session. 

  • Update meeting links: Make real-time adjustments to meeting links directly from the management dashboard.

  • Join sessions instantly: If a session is due to start, join right from the dashboard, reducing unnecessary steps and optimizing your time.

Track past sessions

  • Access past sessions and update status: Review and update the status of past sessions. Mark participants as complete or ‌no-show, and mark whether you’ve issued incentives (for self-recruited participants).

Store and analyze feedback seamlessly

Keep all your insights in one place with Lyssna. Our platform allows you to auto-fetch Zoom recordings and manually upload videos, and transcribe your interviews. Analyze feedback effortlessly and make data-driven decisions with ease.

Interviews by Lyssna

Automated recording management

Store your Zoom recordings with our auto-fetch feature, ensuring a smooth and seamless process for managing your valuable research content.

Flexible video uploads

If you don’t use Zoom, Lyssna also allows for manual video uploads. Whether from different platforms or recording methods, you can effortlessly integrate videos into your research repository.

Intelligent transcription

Lyssna provides transcription services with advanced features, including multi-language support (auto-detect or specify a  language) and automatic speaker detection. Simplify the review and analysis of your research data with these intelligent transcription enhancements.

Future-ready analysis tools

We have more exciting analysis features in the pipeline – you can expect the following soon:

  • Transcription tagging and analysis: Tag transcriptions for specific insights and conduct in-depth analyses directly within the platform.

  • Insights – AI summary: Leverage artificial intelligence to generate insightful summaries of your research findings, streamlining the analysis process and providing valuable insights at a glance.

Ready to elevate your user interview game? Dive into our curated collection of resources for top tips and effective strategies. Explore now!

Why choose Interviews from Lyssna?

In a world inundated with research tools, Interviews from Lyssna emerges as a simple, all-in-one solution:

  • Consolidate different tools: Surveys, usability testing, interviews, recruitment, transcription, and recordings storage – all under one roof.

  • Cost-efficiency: Cut through the clutter of a complicated tech stack; embrace a streamlined, affordable, all-in-one solution.

  • Intuitive user interface: Embark on your research journey with our user-friendly design, featuring an intuitive UI/UX that ensures a smooth and efficient experience. Lyssna is easy for anyone to use, so your team can conduct research without requiring training.

  • Rapid recruitment: Access a high-quality panel on-demand, ensuring swift participant acquisition tailored to your needs.

  • Versatile scalability: Whether you're a freelancer, part of a growing team, or an enterprise, Lyssna seamlessly scales with you.

Try Interviews from Lyssna today!

We shared a snapshot of what Interviews from Lyssna can do in this article, but we’re always working to make the research experience better. In addition to the analysis features highlighted above, our team is busy working on more Interviews features, such as custom email templates, built-in consent and NDAs, self-recruitment incentive handling, advanced host settings, and more.

We invite you to experience the ease, speed, and accessibility of Lyssna's Interviews feature. Start your journey towards effortless and impactful research – try Interviews from Lyssna today!

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