We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our latest feature, Screeners. With Screeners, you can add qualifying questions to the start of your unmoderated surveys and usability tests, enabling you to recruit participants who meet your specific criteria. 

In Lyssna, you can already add screener questions to Interview studies, and we’re excited to extend this functionality to unmoderated tests on all Lyssna plans.

Let’s look at some of the ways Screeners can benefit your research process and see how it works in Lyssna.

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Target the right participants with Screeners

With the introduction of Screeners, our goal is to help you find an efficient and cost-effective solution for participant recruitment

Here are some of the ways adding screener questions can help enhance your recruitment process.

Granular participant targeting

Screeners enable you to specify criteria that participants must meet to qualify for your study. This ensures that you gather feedback from individuals who exactly match your target audience, resulting in more relevant and actionable research findings.

Unlock targeted insights with Screeners

Enhance the quality of your research

Adding screener questions means that only qualified participants are included in your study. By screening out individuals who don’t meet your criteria, you can minimize noise and focus on gathering feedback from participants who are genuinely representative of your target audience.

Increase efficiency

By automating the screening of participants based on predetermined criteria, you can quickly identify suitable candidates without manual review, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your research.

Recruit from your network and the Lyssna panel

Screeners can be used to recruit from both your own network and the Lyssna research panel. This allows you the flexibility to tap into a diverse pool of potential participants, providing feedback from various perspectives.

Unlock targeted insights with Lyssna

Save with affordable pricing

Screeners are available on all Lyssna plans, including our free plan. 

If you’re recruiting participants from your own network, there’s no charge for Screeners. 

If you’re recruiting from the Lyssna panel, there's an additional cost of 2 credits (US$2) per screened-in response. 

This saves you money, because you aren't paying for completed test responses from participants who don't meet your needs.

For example, if you’re recruiting 50 responses for a 2–4-minute survey, the cost would be 150 credits for the survey responses (3 credits per response for a survey of this length), and 100 credits for the Screeners fee (2 credits per response).

Unlock targeted insights with Lyssna

Some research platforms may charge as much as US$5 per credit. In Lyssna, credits are valued at US$1 each.

How Screeners work in Lyssna

In Lyssna, you can add up to four screener questions to any unmoderated study. You’ll find Screeners just below the Test details section of the test builder. Toggle the feature on to get started.

Unlock targeted insights with Lyssna

You can use single or multiple-choice answers when setting up your screener questions:

  • Single and multiple-choice questions will allow you to select options to automatically qualify or disqualify participants from a session.

  • Multiple-choice questions allow you to specify which options aren’t relevant, if any.

You can customize your screener questions based on your unique research objectives, whether it's product knowledge, technical know-how, or experience level with specific software or tools.

Explore our article for expert guidance on crafting effective screener questions, complete with screener question examples.

Once you've set up your screener and built your test, save your changes to move on to participant recruitment. If you’re recruiting from the Lyssna panel, you can choose from 395 demographic and psychographic options, allowing you to target more granular criteria with a screener in place. 

Once your responses are in, screener responses will appear in the Results tab. This allows you to analyze and interpret the feedback you gather from the screening process alongside your test results.

Get started with Screeners using our pre-built templates – easily customize them to suit your needs:

Gather feedback from the right participants with Screeners

With Screeners, you can make sure that you’re gathering feedback from participants who meet your specific criteria, leading to more targeted and relevant feedback. 

This enhances the quality of your research, allowing you to make more informed decisions. Plus, Screeners are available on all plan levels, including our free plan, providing accessibility for anyone who does research.

Recruit the right research participants with Lyssna

Ready to streamline your participant recruitment and unlock targeted feedback? Sign up for free today to start using Screeners in your research studies!

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