Your easy and affordable all-in-one interview solution

Participant recruitment and scheduling hurdles are a thing of the past with our Interviews feature. Lyssna makes makes recruiting, scheduling, conducting, and analyzing interviews a breeze.

Quickly and easily recruit the right participants

Recruit from your own network using unlimited recruitment links, or recruit from our global panel of 530,000+ quality participants. Use screeners to ensure participants meet your exact criteria.

Say goodbye to tedious scheduling

Effortlessly qualify, disqualify, or manually review participants with survey screeners, sync multiple hosts' calendars via Google and/or Microsoft Outlook calendars, and streamline note preparation using availability criteria and predefined buffers.

View all your participants in one place

Forget spreadsheets – view all your invited applicants and their statuses, and easily invite users to sessions. View upcoming sessions, manage hosts, and update the video links. Seamlessly join sessions right from the dashboard and track participant status and incentives.

Upload and transcribe your sessions

Use our Zoom integration to automatically upload your recordings or manually upload videos. We provide transcription services with advanced features, including multi-language support and automatic speaker detection.

Interviews features

Custom screeners

Connect multiple calendars

Set availability criteria

Automate reminder emails

Flexible booking options

Unlimited recruitment links

Automatic or handpick mode

Native Zoom integration

View upcoming sessions

Upload session recordings

Multi-language transcription

Track incentives

See Interviews in action

Embedded video


“Everything was integrated and it felt natural. When the interviews did show up, it was refreshingly expected.”

Justin Nowlen,

Senior Director of Product Design at TrueCar

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What is the Interviews feature?
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What options are available to recruit participants for one-on-one interviews?
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Does Interviews integrate with calendars?
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How does the Zoom integration work?
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Can I add a custom screener to my study?
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Are panelist incentives included in the cost of the panel order?
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How can I be sure of the quality of participants from the panel?
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How can I get started with Interviews?
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