Our brand evolution

In 2008, UsabilityHub was born from a simple 5-second test. This foundational idea evolved into a comprehensive user testing platform, and today, as Lyssna (Swedish meaning ‘To Listen’), we extend our mission—to put humans at the heart of solutions to improve the quality of experiences in the world.

320,000+ users

Trusted by designers, researchers, marketers and product leaders.

530,000+ panelists

A guaranteed high-quality research panel.

10+ years in research

We've been providing user research solutions since 2008.

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We boast an NPS of 58 and a support CSAT of 99%.

“It’s about connecting people that are designing things with people that are being designed for, and ensuring that those two groups of people understand each other really, really well. That results in better outcomes.”

Matt Milosavljevic,

CEO at Lyssna

All your research tooling, together

Whether it’s qualitative, quantitative, moderated, or unmoderated. Whatever your research needs, we have you covered.

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