Comprehensive survey solutions for in-depth insights

Empower your research with design surveys and text-based surveys.

Let your design be the hero

More than a text-based survey, a design survey allows you to ask questions while keeping your design front and center. Choose from open text, single and multiple choice, linear, and ranking scale questions.

Multimedia support

Lyssna supports a variety of file formats. Test video, audio, images, and more.

Get feedback from the right people in minutes

Our panel is made up of over 530,000 people across 100+ countries. Target by job function, industry, company size and more.

Dive deep into data

Analzye results quickly with real-time data visualization. Tag open text responses and filter test results to uncover themes, interesting patterns, and actionable insights.

Design surveys

Multiple question types

Supports image, video & audio files

Conditional logic

See surveys in action

Embedded video


“We used to spend days collecting the data we can now get in an hour with Lyssna. We're able to get a sneak preview of our campaigns' performance before they even go live.”

Aaron Shishler,

Copywriter Team Lead at

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