You need to make the right impression – fast

If your audience doesn’t get the intended message in the first five seconds, achieving the desired action from them becomes less likely.

Enhance message retention

Attention spans are declining. Make sure you convey your message quickly.

Measure your audience recall
Get feedback on what’s unclear
Understand your users’ first impressions
five second testing

Test more than web pages

You can test products, designs, messaging, and more with a five second test.

Dig into the details

Analyze impressions of your designs and go deep into the results to uncover valuable insights.

Use filters to deep dive into your data
Spot trends with word cloud visualizations
Tag responses to surface common themes

Recruit from your target audience

We have a panel of over 530,000 participants across 100+ countries. Target by job function, industry, company size, and more.

Word cloud results

Results tagging

Ask follow-up questions

CSV export

No participants? No problem

Our integrated panel allows you to quickly and affordably recruit both B2C and B2B research participants that precisely match your target audience.

See five second testing in action

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“We used to spend days collecting the data we can now get in an hour with Lyssna. We're able to get a sneak preview of our campaigns' performance before they even go live.”

Aaron Shishler,

Copywriter Team Lead at

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Frequently asked questions

What is a five second test?
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What can you learn from a five second test?
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How do you conduct a five second test?
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How many participants do I need for five second testing?
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What are the benefits of using five second testing?
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