How Busuu uses Lyssna to validate creative concepts

We speak with Tina Vifor, Head of Creative Communication at Busuu.


Discover Tina's experience at Busuu as she explains the shift from depending on A/B testing to utilizing Lyssna for faster and more precise validation of creative concepts, leading to improved trust and efficiency.

Busuu is a leading language learning platform that offers more than just traditional resources for learning languages. It provides a dynamic platform that connects users with real-life native speakers. 

Available as both a mobile app and a web-based platform, Busuu provides self-paced online courses that are complemented by interactive exercises and the opportunity to engage with a community.

Busuu case study

“Busuu is all about empowering people through languages and our solid teaching methodology, coupled with smart technology and our supportive community, creates a highly-rated product that people trust,” shares Tina Vifor, the Head of Creative Communication at Busuu. 

Tina leads a dynamic team of copywriters and designers who work on shaping the brand experience across marketing and product. We spoke with Tina about how her team uses Lyssna to make sure their messaging, designs, and overall creative assets speak to their target audience, no matter where they are in the world. 

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The ability to swiftly and accurately validate creative concepts and key messaging with Busuu’s target audience was a key challenge faced by Tina and her team. 

We were looking to get quick answers to questions on creative concepts and messaging. Mainly, we wanted to understand preference and the reasons behind them, to shape the evolution of campaigns.”  

At the time, the team were relying on running internal email A/B tests, which Tina admits were, “difficult to set up, as they go to a live audience and need to align with real campaigns.”

While A/B testing offered some insights into messaging preferences, it fell short on providing a deeper understanding of why customers made those choices. Additionally, the A/B testing wasn’t conducive to keeping up with their fast-paced workflow.

It’s notoriously difficult to measure creative impact, and the quick turnaround time of campaigns meant that A/B testing wasn’t always possible within our own channels,” adds Tina. 

Busuu case study


In order to move away from solely relying on A/B testing, they started to search for a more robust solution, which led them to Lyssna. 

Now, Tina and her team can validate concepts earlier in their creative process. They've also moved beyond relying solely on their existing customers by leveraging the Lyssna research panel to test with target audiences closely resembling their real users.

Tina explains, “We primarily use preference tests and send them out to the Lyssna panel. Additionally, we've utilized the five second test for Out of Home (OOH) campaign ideation, where relevant.” 

For example, they conducted a five second test to see how much information users would retain from seeing a Busuu ad at a bus stop.

Busuu case study

The team has also been exploring different methodologies to gain richer insights into how their assets and messaging resonate with their target audience.

In one instance, they conducted a card sort test and asked participants to rank messages from most favorite to least favorite to gauge resonance when learning a new language.

In addition to experimenting with different testing methods, it’s the ease of building a test and quickly recruiting participants that's benefitted Tina and the team. 

“I like the ease of setup, the quick turnaround, the way we can segment through the answers.”

Tina Vifor

Head of Creative Communication

Busuu case study


Since integrating Lyssna into their workflow, Tina and her team have witnessed a transformation in their operations. They've managed to streamline their creative process, enabling them to conduct a thorough evaluation of their work much earlier in the process. This has resulted in considerable time, resources, and cost savings.

“We have established a clear, data-backed narrative behind creative choices before we start creating assets,” shares Tina.  

“As a result, there is far less (if any) pushback from decision makers and we have built more trust in our methodology.“

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The results achieved by Tina and her team have caught the attention of other departments within the organization. Tina notes, “Now multiple other teams are interested in using it [Lyssna] and were impressed with our insights.”

Thanks to the convenient test setup, efficient recruitment, and actionable results, the Busuu creative team has established a strong foundation for validating their creative campaigns using Lyssna.

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