Go to market with confidence

Don’t waste time and money launching a new product, branding, or an ad campaign without checking if it's going to be successful with your target audience.

Maximize creative performance

Be confident that your creative assets will perform well in the market. With Lyssna you can:

Test brand elements such as names, logos, colors, typography, images, and taglines.

Test initial campaign concepts before taking them to the next stage.

Test ad creatives, including static images, video, and audio.

Get the most out of your traffic

Optimize your website to make sure your traffic will convert.

Use card sorting to understand how your audience groups content and categorizes products.

Test your funnel to reduce drop offs and increase conversion rates.

Test your web pages or mock-ups to make sure your target customers clearly understand your offering.

Make your messaging on point

Understand how your target customers interpret your messaging. Find out if it’s confusing or unclear, what works, and what misses the mark.

Optimize onboarding emails to maximize conversion rates.

Test and improve click-through rates in the SERPs.

Test taglines and ad copy.


“We used to spend days collecting the data we can now get in an hour with Lyssna. We're able to get a sneak preview of our campaigns' performance before they even go live.”

Aaron Shishler,

Copywriter Team Lead at monday.com

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No participants? No problem

Our integrated panel allows you to quickly and affordably recruit both B2C and B2B research participants that precisely match your target audience.

530,000+ panelists

We have panel members from around the world.

35+ demographics

Target by job function, industry, or company size, and more.

30 languages

We support testing in 30 different languages.

100+ countries

Get feedback from people in more than 100 countries.

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