Landing pages are specialized web pages designed to effectively communicate information about your product or service and prompt visitors to take action. They play a crucial role in driving conversions and achieving your marketing goals.

To test the effectiveness of your landing page, it’s good practice to use a landing page optimization tool. These tools provide valuable insights that you can use to improve performance.

In this article, we explore the basics of what makes a good landing page and review several tools that can help you create high-converting landing pages. We look at the features of each tool, how it can provide actionable data to facilitate the optimization process, and share the pricing and plans available.

By using these tools, you can refine your landing page strategies, uncover areas for improvement, and ultimately drive higher conversions.

Please note that all pricing included in this article is in USD.

TL;DR: A quick glance at the 9 best landing page optimization tools


Key landing page optimization features



• Five second tests • First click tests • Preference tests

• Free plan offered • Paid plans start at $89/month


• Heatmaps • Screen recordings • Feedback

• Free plan offered • Paid plans start at $32/month

Crazy Egg

• Heatmaps • Scroll maps • Confetti reports

• Paid plans start at $29/month


• Session replays • Frustration scores • Zone-based heatmaps

• Request a demo for pricing


• Conversion funnels • User feedback • Friction scores

• Free plan offered • Paid plans start at $31/month

Google PageSpeed Insights

• Loading speed scores

• Free


• A/B testing • Behavioral analytics

• Behavioral analytics • Free plan offered • Paid plans start at $357/month


• A/B testing • Statistics and analytics

• Pricing available upon request


• A/B testing • Heatmaps • Conversion analytics

• Paid plans start at $199/month

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a specific, focused web page that revolves around a singular aim. It typically features a single call-to-action or conversion goal.

Landing pages are commonly used for lead generation, product promotion, or for content marketing, so it's important to ensure they’re clear and effectively drive desired actions from your visitors.

Why is it important to optimize your landing page?

A well-designed landing page should provide a positive user experience and facilitate visitors to achieve specific goals. 

Here are some ways that landing page optimization tools can help.

Increase conversions

Landing page optimization tools can identify barriers to conversions. Factors like styling choices, placement, and call-to-action (CTA) text can all impact the effectiveness of your landing page. By using landing page optimization tools, you can gain insights into what’s working and what needs improvement.

Make data-driven decisions

Landing page optimization tools provide data like click-through rates and bounce rates, and user behavior patterns, providing insights into user navigation. This enables you to make informed decisions when implementing changes.

Improve user experience

Landing page optimization tools make it possible to gather quantitative and qualitative data, allowing for the creation of websites that offer a seamless navigation experience and leave users with a positive impression. 

What are the qualities of an optimized landing page?

Crafting a landing page that delivers results requires careful attention to a few key elements. In this section, we explore the essential components that contribute to an effective landing page.

Landing page optimization tools

Attention-grabbing headlines

Headlines should make a strong impact and communicate your main message.

Engaging content

Content should connect with visitors, effectively communicate information or product benefits, and compel users to take desired actions.

Direct CTAs

CTAs should leap from the page, immediately capturing the attention of your users and guiding them to take specific actions.

Interesting visuals

Text alone isn’t enough to keep people interested. Landing pages need to incorporate graphics and visuals that engage users from the moment they arrive.

What methods can you use to test your landing page?

When it comes to testing the efficacy of your landing page, employing various methods can provide valuable insights. In this section, we delve into several testing techniques that can help you optimize your landing page for better results.

Landing page optimization tools

Five second test in Lyssna

Five second tests

Five seconds may seem brief, but there’s so much you can glean through short-form testing. Five second tests assess message retention and how attention-grabbing elements on the page are.

First click tests

Much like five-second tests, first click tests offer a narrow window to measure the effectiveness of interactive elements like buttons or links. If you find users aren’t clicking on what you want them to, you can make changes to inspire visitors to take action.

Landing page optimization tools

Heatmap results from a first click test in Lyssna


Heatmapping is an important tool in landing page optimization, as it offers a graphic representation of where people click and how they move through your website. This analysis gives you insights to better structure your landing page in terms of guiding your users. 

A/B tests 

A/B testing lets you try out two different versions of a design to see which users prefer better.

9 best landing page optimization tools

In this section, we'll explore nine tools that can enhance your landing page performance and drive better results. From testing user behavior to gathering feedback and analyzing usability issues, these tools offer a wide range of features to optimize your landing pages effectively. Let's dive into the details and discover which tools can take your landing pages to the next level.

1. Lyssna

Landing page optimization tools

Lyssna offers a suite of powerful landing page optimization tools to test how users behave, gather feedback, and analyze usability issues. With a 530k+ participant panel to draw from, along with quick setup and efficient test turnaround times, Lyssna makes it possible to run tests and action results quickly. 

Key features

  • Five second tests: Five second tests are an effective way to measure first impressions and analyze whether your users understand what’s being communicated.

  • First click tests: You can use first click tests to measure how users complete tasks using your designs and see how long they take. Testing your landing page with a first click test can help to show if your links or CTAs are in the right place. In Lyssna, you can view results as a click map or heatmap, and create highlights to analyze click clusters, including time-to-click. You can also filter to a cluster to analyze follow-up questions and find out why users were drawn to a particular area.

  • Preference tests: Show multiple landing page designs to your test participants to understand which option resonates best, and apply conditional logic based on a participant's preferred choice to shape the rest of the questions you ask. You can run a preference test to measure the aesthetic appeal of your landing page, but you can also ask your participants to judge designs based on their trustworthiness, or how well the design communicates a specific message or idea. The results in the Lyssna dashboard are automatically calculated to show the percentage of users who preferred each design.

Plans and pricing

  • Free: Lyssna's free plan offers a maximum two-minute test duration, 3 seats, and 15 response links. If you’re operating at a smaller scale, or just want to see what user testing is all about, this is a great way to get started.

  • Basic: From $89/month, you get everything the free plan includes, but your test duration is boosted to 5 minutes, with unlimited responses. 

  • Pro and Enterprise levels: For those operating at large scales, Lyssna offers a Pro Plan from $175.00/month, and custom pricing for enterprise-level businesses. 

Your go-to user research platform

The best teams use Lyssna so they can deeply understand their audience and move in the right direction — faster.

2. Hotjar

Landing page optimization tools

Landing pages consist of a value proposition, supporting details, and a CTA or conversion. A visitor dropping off at any point can mean the loss of a customer. Hotjar shows the movement and engagement of users through screen recordings and heatmaps. Though it has many benefits, some reviews report that the Hotjar tracking code can bog down a site’s performance and is limited in terms of its integration with CRMs. 

Key features

  • Heatmaps: Hotjar offers multiple types of heatmaps including click, move, and scroll maps, so you can see the multiple ways that visitors navigate and engage with your landing page. 

  • Screen recordings: Screen recordings document how users navigate, where they make u-turns, as well as rage clicks.

  • Feedback: Hotjar attaches feedback directly to a design, showing you the context in which users made comments. It also lets you launch surveys in real-time as visitors move through your landing page, giving you snapshots of how they felt at specific moments. 

Plans and pricing

  • Basic: Hotjar’s basic plan is free, and sets you up with unlimited heatmaps and automated data captures, with a cap of 35 daily sessions.

  • Plus: The Plus plan bumps you up to 100 daily sessions, capabilities to filter and segment data, as well as an Events API that lets you track custom user actions. Pricing starts from $32/month.

  • Business: Starting from $80/month, Hotjar’s Business plan lets you utilize custom integrations, as well as track custom user attributes. 

  • Scale: Starting from $171/month, the Scale plan gives you everything on the Business plan, plus funnels, trends, and console tracking.

3. Crazy Egg

Landing page optimization tools

Crazy Egg is a good tool for visualizing user behavior and analytics. While it may not have as extensive a selection of landing page optimization tools as others, what it offers works well.

Key features

  • Heatmaps: Crazy Egg’s heatmaps feature lets you see in an instant where users click, showing you if your CTAs and links are effective

  • Scroll maps: Scroll maps visualize the most common scroll depth users take within a design. This information helps identify optimal placements for CTA elements.

  • Confetti reports: Confetti reports break down clicks into a scatter of color-coded points tied to specific metrics. While aimed at long-form websites, confetti reports can also be useful for landing page optimization, showing where users are clicking.

Plans and pricing

  • Basic: From $29/month, Crazy Egg’s Basic plan offers 30,000 page views, 25 snapshots, 100 recordings a month, as well as unlimited surveys, responses, and A/B tests.

  • Standard: Crazy Egg’s Standard plan brings you up to 75,000 tracked page views, 50 snapshots, 500 recordings, plus everything in the Basic plan. Pricing starts from $49/month.

  • Pro: From $249/month, those operating at larger scales get 500,000 tracked page views, 100 snapshots, and 5,000 recordings. 

  • Enterprise: Everything on the Pro plan, plus SAML SSO and onboarding and training. Contact for custom plan pricing.

4. Contentsquare

Landing page optimization tools

Formerly known as Clicktale, Contentsquare offers several landing page optimization tools that generate detailed analytics. It packs in a lot of functionality, but some note that it can be complicated and overwhelming when first getting acquainted with how it works. 

Key features

  • Session replays: Contentsquare’s content replay feature reveals how people navigate through a landing page and where they click, hover, or bounce, identifying areas for improvement. 

  • Frustration scores: Contentsquare generates actionable scores that automatically surface points of frustration on a customer’s journey across your site.

  • Zone-based heatmaps: Find out how users interact with each element on your website with the heatmap feature. An aggregated view reveals in-page behaviors, such as clicks, hesitations, and scrolls. You can analyze heatmaps in the Contentsquare platform or directly on your site using a live zoning extension.

Plans and pricing

Contentsquare doesn’t include plans and pricing information on its website, but you can request a demo.

5. Mouseflow

Landing page optimization tools

Mouseflow offers a suite of landing page optimization tools to help identify usability issues, gather feedback, and see how users behave. It puts an emphasis on analyzing user behavior and using friction scores to rank usability, which helps to identify areas for improvement. While Mouseflow stands out with its robust analytics, some find its UI difficult to navigate.

Key features

  • Conversion funnels: When you have a Mouseflow conversion funnel enabled on a landing page, it will track all of your visitors and show whether they are converting or bouncing. 

  • User feedback: Mouseflow allows you to gather feedback for any aspect of your landing page design. Ttriggers like inactivity, mouse movement, and click rage can prompt users to provide feedback. 

  • Friction scores: One feature that sets Mouseflow apart is its friction scores. These scores are generated by measuring click errors, click rage, bounce rates, speed browsing, and mouse-outs, and can also be set to custom attributes. Friction scores are an easy way to quantify how your landing page is performing.

Plans and pricing

  • Free: Mouseflow’s free plan lets you monitor one website, get 500 screen recordings per month, one month of storage, and unlimited page views. 

  • Starter: With pricing starting from $31/month, Mouseflow’s Starter plan offers 5,000 recordings for a single website, along with three months of storage.

  • Growth: The Growth plan gives you 15,000 recordings per month, 3 websites, 6 months of storage, and unlimited page views. Pricing starts from $109/month.

  • Business: On the Business plan, you’ll get 50,000 recordings per month, 5 websites, 12 months of storage, and unlimited page views. Pricing starts from $219/month.

  • Pro: Mouseflow’s Pro plan starts at $399/month and lets you track 12 websites and gather 150,000 recordings per month, with one year of included storage.

6. Google PageSpeed Insights

While it’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics and content of landing pages, the importance of page loading speeds shouldn’t be overlooked. Page speeds can be a huge factor in whether or not someone bounces or stays on your site. 

Google PageSpeed Insights takes two sets of measurements to score load speeds: one score measures how much time it takes to load what’s above the fold and the other measures how much it takes to load beneath the fold. It then generates a score, with 85–100 being a passing grade and anything less being unsatisfactory. 

Landing page optimization tools

Google PageSpeed Insights has a bit of a learning curve as far as the terminology it uses, and a utilitarian UI that isn’t much to look at, but it has one job, and it does it well in evaluating page load speeds. Best of all – it’s free to use.

7. VWO

Landing page optimization tools

VWO centers its platform on A/B testing, offering easy ways to test out websites and apps without requiring technical expertise. Along with tools for testing, they also have a visual editor that you can jump into and switch up elements like headlines, images, and CTAs, as well as integrate widgets. Some may balk at the paid plan pricing, but VWO provides much in terms of value. 

Key features

  • A/B testing: VWO gives you multiple options to run A/B testing, including multi-page, multi-variate, multi-device, and split testing. 

  • Behavior analytics: VWO stands out in its analytics capabilities, with funnels, session recordings, on-page surveys, heatmaps, and other visual metrics showing how visitors interact and engage.

Plans and pricing

  • Starter: The free Starter plan gives you A/B testing, unlimited concurrent experiments, as well as the option to run multi-page campaigns, among other features and functionality.

  • Growth: Starting from $357/month, the Growth plan is for small businesses and gives you unlimited variations, as well as unlimited goals and metrics. Also included are user-type and traffic-sourced targeting, letting you perform more focused testing.

  • Pro: The Pro plan is for mid-sized businesses and gives you everything in the Growth plan, plus multivariate testing, multi-browser QA, and multi-device campaigns. Pricing starts from $822/month.

  • Enterprise: The Enterprise plan is for large teams, agencies, and enterprises. Pricing starts from $1438/month.

8. Optimizely

Landing page optimization tools

Regarded for its simple and friendly interface, a visual editor that facilitates design changes, and machine learning-driven recommendations for improvements, Optimizely offers plenty of power and flexibility. However, it’s worth noting that as of the time of publishing, Optimizely doesn’t offer heatmap functionality. Nonetheless, they compensate for this with many other valuable landing page optimization tools.

Key features

  • A/B testing: Optimizely boasts a quick and easy setup for A/B testing, as well as multivariate testing, which lets you try out multiple arrangements and variations. There’s also a centralized space to keep track of results.

  • Statistics and analytics: Optimizely also shines in its reporting capabilities, presenting results in ways that are simple and easy to understand. It also integrates with tools like Google Analytics, making it possible to keep track of all of your user data in one centralized space. 

Plans and pricing

Pricing is available upon request.

9. Instapage

Landing page optimization tools

Instapage gives you the power to build landing pages with ready-made layout elements that are already optimized, as well as AI-assisted content generation. Along with a simple way to create landing pages, it also offers A/B testing and other tools for optimizing landing page conversions. Some have found Instapage expensive and its visual editor limiting, but it provides plenty of helpful tools.

Key features

  • A/B testing: Instapage lets you quickly put together landing pages with different layouts, content, and visuals so you can see which will lead to better conversions.

  • Heatmaps: The heatmaps functionality in Instapage tracks scroll depth, mouse movement, and clicks.

  • Conversion analytics: You can integrate with Google Ads and Google Analytics for easier attribution and view cost-per-visitor and cost-per-lead metrics in the Instapage platform. 

Plans and pricing

  • Build: This plan gives you access to the landing page builder, A/B testing, AI content generation, and other landing page optimization tools. Pricing starts from $199/month.

  • Convert: Instapage will work with you to create a customized solution, along with support and personalization. 

Increase conversions and drive better engagement with Lyssna

A landing page has limited space to catch visitors’ attention and guide them toward desired goals. To achieve success, it’s crucial to have interesting headlines, content, and visuals plus strong CTAs and an engaging user experience. 

Lyssna provides powerful landing page optimization tools to help you create websites that convert. With a simple setup and quick turnaround times when recruiting from the participant panel, Lyssna offers a range of usability testing options, like five second tests, first click tests, and preference tests. These tools empower you to increase conversation rates and create more impactful user experiences.

Elevate your research practice

Join over 320,000+ marketers, designers, researchers, and product leaders who use Lyssna to make data-driven decisions.


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