Ensure intuitive, user-centric experiences in all your designs

Test interfaces, interaction flows, iconography, and more with Lyssna so you create intuitive and delightful experiences for your users, every time.

UX and UI design

Know that your designs will land

Guarantee the functionality and aesthetics of your design assets while prioritizing user-centricity. With Lyssna, you can:

Test brand elements such as names, logos, colors, typography, images, and taglines.

Gauge initial impressions of design concepts before taking them to the next stage.

Optimize product elements such as navigation, interface layouts, design usability, and more.

UX and UI design

Ensure seamless user experiences

Create intuitive, functional, and aesthetically pleasing user experiences with Lyssna's powerful features.

Validate user interface designs for intuitive and delightful user experiences.

Prioritize functionality and aesthetics in your design assets.

Leverage real-time user insights to refine and enhance your designs.

Validate designs collaboratively

Ensure that everyone is on the same page. Lyssna helps facilitate collaboration between designers, stakeholders, and users.

Share test results with key stakeholders, fostering a deeper understanding and alignment around findings.

Include team members in the design journey. Add collaborators, share insights, and make informed decisions for impactful design outcomes.

Comment on tests and results. Collaborate and discuss findings in a centralized space with multiple collaborators working on the same test.


“The navigation test is god's gift to UI designers. It probably has the best power-to-simplicity ratio of any software, ever.”

Nick Franklin,

CEO at ChartMogul

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