Empowering teams with insights

Lyssna supports thousands of teams across various disciplines, including marketing, research, product, and design. We empower you to drive ongoing research seamlessly throughout your organization. From strategic planning to execution, we guarantee you'll gather the necessary insights to make informed decisions every time.

Features for enterprises

SOC 2 compliant

Our software has passed the security review of the strictest enterprises worldwide.

GDPR compliant

We are committed to protecting the security, confidentiality, and privacy of the personal data we process.

Team management

Easily invite, add, and remove team members from a single location.

Account usage reporting

Monthly and quarterly updates detailing information on how Lyssna is being used to maximize your investment.

Custom screeners

Take advantage of our custom screeners to find the perfect participant.

Custom terms

For organizations that that require specific terms and conditions are met when doing business.

Enterprise onboarding

Get a customized onboarding program to help your team get on the path to success.

Account management

Our experts will ensure that your team is getting the best out of your user research projects.

Priority support

With priority support, you ensure your team gets the help they need – fast!

Custom password policy

Enforce password complexity rules that will apply to all team members on your account.

Single sign-on

We offer support for single sign-on (Google SSO, SAML).

Frequently asked questions

Is my data secure?
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Can we sign your DPA?
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What does the procurement process look like?
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Do you guarantee the quality of your panel?
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