Market research solutions for informed decision-making

Whether you're launching a new product, exploring new markets, or refining your marketing strategies, Lyssna can help you gain the insights you need for success.

Deep consumer insights

Gain a deep understanding of consumer behavior, preferences, and trends to inform your marketing strategies.

Competitor analysis

Stay ahead in the market by analyzing your competitors' strategies, strengths, and weaknesses.

Drive product development

Identify gaps in the market and fine-tune your product offerings based on real market demand.

Profile your target audience

Create highly targeted marketing campaigns by profiling your ideal customers and reaching them more effectively.

No participants? No problem

Our integrated panel allows you to quickly and affordably recruit both B2C and B2B research participants that precisely match your target audience.


“We used to spend days collecting the data we can now get in an hour with Lyssna. We're able to get a sneak preview of our campaigns' performance before they even go live.”

Aaron Shishler,

Copywriter Team Lead at

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How can I conduct market research with Lyssna?
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Do I need to have prior UX research experience to use Lyssna for market research?
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