In this how-to video, our Senior Product Manager Maureen walks through Lyssna’s Microsoft integration feature, designed to make scheduling and hosting your user interviews hassle-free.

Discover how to:

  • Easily connect your Microsoft account.

  • Configure your booking calendar so that it automatically checks against your Microsoft Outlook calendar.

  • Automatically book interview sessions with participants directly into your calendar.

  • Automatically generate Teams meeting links.


Hey folks, my name is Maureen Chiu and I'm a senior product manager at Lyssna. Today I'm going to take you through our Microsoft integration feature for Interviews. Before I jump in, a quick overview. By connecting your Microsoft account, you'll now be able to 1. Automatically generate Microsoft Teams links for your interview sessions.

2. Configure your booking calendar so that it automatically checks against your Microsoft Outlook calendar and 3. Automatically book new interview sessions straight into your calendar. A quick note that the functionality and UI works very similar to our existing integrations with Zoom and Google. So let's jump in.

Here I am on the Interview setup page. Let's start with setting up a Teams meeting link for my future interview sessions. So clicking on the dropdown, I select Microsoft Teams, and I connect.=

Once connected, it will show that my location is now set to Microsoft Teams, which means links will be automatically generated for future sessions. Now let's scroll down and configure my availabilities so that it automatically checks against my Outlook calendar. I click connect to calendar. Here you can see that I have both Google and Microsoft calendars connected to my account.

One of the unique things you can do with Lyssna is that you can configure it so that it checks against, say, your personal Google calendar, as well as your work Microsoft account. For the purpose of this demo, though, I'm going to just connect my Microsoft calendar. Now I'm going to show you the availability calendar in action.

If I show you my Microsoft calendar, you can see that this Wednesday, I have an appointment from 8 to 12 pm. And next week, I'm on holiday from Wednesday to Friday. If we go back to Lyssna and we preview my availabilities, you will see that on Wednesday, I don't have availabilities until 12 pm. And next week, Wednesday to Friday, I'm blocked out.

Now for the last step. I'm going to set my booking calendar to Microsoft. This means that when I get new bookings, it will land straight into my Microsoft calendar. So let's see how all this works when a participant books a session. Say my name is Mo, and I'm going to proceed and book a session. If I have a look at Wednesday, there is no availability until 12pm, and next week, Wednesday to Friday are blocked out.

I'm going to go for a session at 9am on the Monday.

Once the session is booked, I'm going to go back to the Microsoft calendar. In here, you can see that session. This is an interview with Mo, and you can also see that a Microsoft Teams link has been added to the location. So that concludes the walkthrough of our new Microsoft integration for Interviews. We hope this new feature will help make the process of setting up moderated studies much easier for you and your team.

Excited for you to give it a go, and very keen to hear your feedback. Thanks for watching, and bye for now.

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