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Open card sorting

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Open card sorting is a method often used to help define information architecture. It's particularly useful for optimizing website structures, app navigation, or content organization, helping you to create user-friendly and intuitive digital experiences.

Using this simple template, you can gather valuable insights from users by having them organize and categorize predefined cards or items based on their natural logic and understanding. Your goal is to understand how users naturally organize information or different types of content. This will help create an intuitive and user-friendly navigation structure.

Learn more about card sorting in our card sorting guide.

This template will help you discover

  • Insights into how your target audience naturally thinks about organizing content or information, helping you align your product with their mental models.

  • Which items or features are most important to users, allowing you to prioritize content or features effectively.

  • How users perceive the hierarchy of information within your product, aiding in the creation of intuitive navigation and organization.

  • Potential pain points or usability issues in your product's structure, enabling you to make informed design decisions for a more user-friendly experience.

How to use this template

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  2. Customize the test to suit your needs.

  3. Preview your test or press save and continue to recruit your participants.

  4. Set your test live and wait for your results!

Frequently asked questions

What is open card sorting?
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Why use open card sorting over closed card sorting?
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How do I analyze the results of an open card sorting study?
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When is the best time to conduct an open card sorting study?
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