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If your email campaign calls to action (CTAs) aren't grabbing attention, you can use first click testing to validate their effectiveness.

First click testing is a method used to assess how easy it is for users to complete a given task. In the context of email marketing, you can use it to test how prominent certain elements – such as CTA buttons – are, for example by asking your target audience where they'd click to sign up or find out more about a feature.

You can use this pre-filled template to upload your design and ask users where they'd click to take a specific action. This template also uses linear scale questions to ask participants how confident they were they clicked in the right place and how easy it was to find the CTA. Once you've recieved your results, you can export a visual heatmap or click map showing where users clicked, and use this to improve the design and placement of your CTAs.

This template will help you discover

  • Whether your CTAs are prominent and easy to find.

  • If the CTA text accurately reflects the action users will take.

  • The best position for your CTA to enhance conversion rates.

  • Ways to optimize the CTA and elevate your conversion rates.

How to use this template

  1. Click on the "Use this template" button and log in to your Lyssna account. Don't have an account yet? Start exploring with a free plan.

  2. Customize the test to suit your needs.

  3. Preview your test or press save and continue to recruit your participants.

  4. Set your test live and wait for your results!

Frequently asked questions

How can I use first click testing to assess my email CTAs?
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What results will I gather conducting a first click test?
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What should I test?
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How many participants should I recruit to test my email CTAs?
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How often should I test my email CTAs?
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