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If you're designing a digital advertising campaign and aren't sure which direction to go in, preference testing can help. In preference testing, you present various design options and ask your participants to indicate their preferred choice. This offers the advantage of testing your designs at the concept stage, gathering input on what resonates, and refining the design before you launch.

Use this pre-filled template to test your advertising creative with your target audience and ask follow-up questions to gather valuable feedback about why they chose their preferred design and how likely they'd be to click on the ad.

This template will help you discover

  • The ad that resonates best with your target audience, enabling you to select the most impactful design for your campaigns.

  • The most memorable ad that will create a lasting impression on your audience.

  • The most persuasive ad to prompt your audience to take a desired action.

  • The ad that elicits the strongest emotional response from your target audience.

How to use this template

  1. Click on the "Use this template" button and log in to your Lyssna account. Don't have an account yet? Start exploring with a free plan.

  2. Customize the test to suit your needs.

  3. Preview your test or press save and continue to recruit your participants.

  4. Set your test live and wait for your results!

Frequently asked questions

How can I use preference testing to assess the effectiveness of my digital advertising campaigns?
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Why is preference testing important for digital advertising?
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How can I use preference testing in Lyssna to test my digital advertising campaigns?
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What are the benefits of using preference testing to asesss my digital advertising campaigns?
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