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Usability testing

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Prototype testing is an effective method for identifying conversion flow issues in advance of product launches or updates.

In Lyssna, you can run two types of prototype tests: Task flow and Free flow. Task flow is ideal when you're confident with your design and want to test a flow with a specific set of objectives that ends with a goal screen. Free flow is more suitable when you're in the exploratory phase of a project and are looking for initial feedback on your designs.

Use this Task Flow prototype template to evaluate various elements in your conversion process, such as navigation, CTAs, and messaging. Identify where users face obstacles or drop off, allowing you to make data-driven adjustments like streamlining the flow, reducing friction, and enhancing clarity, ultimately leading to improved conversion rates.

This template will help you discover

  • Areas of confusion or frustration in the conversion flow, facilitating necessary improvements.

  • Clarity and persuasiveness of your call-to-actions to drive user engagement.

  • Insights into user preferences and behavior for informed design and content decisions, enhancing the user experience.

  • Opportunities to optimize the conversion funnel, boosting conversion rates and revenue.

How to use this template

  1. Click on the "Use this template" button and log in to your Lyssna account. Don't have an account yet? Start exploring with a free plan.

  2. Modify the test to suit your needs.

  3. Preview your test or press save and continue to recruit your participants.

  4. Set your test live and wait for your results!

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