Create a memorable travel experience before take-off

With Lyssna, it's easy to create unforgettable digital journeys and tailored travel offerings that put users first.

Travel Industry UX

Discover what's important to your travelers

Explore key user preferences, from impactful messaging to sought-after holiday information. With Lyssna you can:

Use card sorting to understand how users expect to find information and what categorization makes the most sense to them.

Test brand elements such as messaging, iconography and creative assets.

Find out what features impact decision-making when booking a holiday, for example the importance of reviews and how these are displayed.

Travel Industry UX

Deliver seamless journeys

Uncover insights on navigation preferences, booking processes, and destination information placement to enhance their experience. With Lyssna, you can:

Understand how users navigate your travel app or website, ensuring an intuitive and user-friendly journey.

Test and refine the booking process to make it streamlined, reducing friction and enhancing user satisfaction.

Discover the optimal placement for destination information, ensuring travelers easily find the details they need.

Travel Industry UX

Boost your competitive edge

Stay ahead in your sector of the travel industry by consistently optimizing your offerings, tailoring experiences to evolving user preferences, and leveraging real-time insights. With Lyssna you can:

Conduct competitor analysis and understand how users perceive your services compared to others.

Test optimal pricing strategies to stay competitive without compromising value.

Test that your app or website functions seamlessly across various devices, enhancing accessibility for users.

Understand user behavior to optimize the conversion funnel, leading to higher conversion rates, bookings and engagement.


“We're doing these really quick tests, almost all the time. And for that, Lyssna is unbeatable. Other tools don't even have that option.”

Eveline Moczko,

Head of Product

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