Empower product excellence

Know that you’re delivering the right features to the right customers by validating product concepts with your target audience.

Product Manager

Make informed design choices

Leverage real user insights to make data-driven decisions that benefit your product and, importantly, your users. With Lyssna you can:

Test product elements such as navigation, interface layouts, design elements, and more.

Test initial product concepts before taking them to the next stage.

Gather actionable feedback on user preferences and pain points, ensuring your product aligns with user needs and expectations.

Project Management

Get to know your users

Gain deeper insights into how your users experience your product.

Gauge customer satisfaction to measure user contentment, analyze outcomes, and enhance overall product satisfaction.

Run surveys to check in with your customers and find how they’re using the product, how often, and what they like/dislike.

Optimize user journeys and workflows through detailed usability testing, enhancing user satisfaction and streamlining interactions.

Optimize user engagement

Boost user engagement and retention with Lyssna's data-driven strategies

Monitor user interactions to identify trends and patterns.

Refine product features based on user behavior and preferences.

Implement strategies to enhance user engagement and retention.


“It wasn’t a big sell to move to Lyssna's paid account due to the speed at which you can put together a test, quickly get feedback, and recruit good participants. It just makes monetary sense. It's so cheap and the feedback is valuable.”

Alan Dennis,

Product Design Manager at YNAB

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No participants? No problem

Our integrated panel allows you to quickly and affordably recruit both B2C and B2B research participants that precisely match your target audience.

530,000+ panelists

We have panel members from around the world.

35+ demographics

Target by job function, industry, or company size, and more.

30 languages

We support testing in 30 different languages.

100+ countries

Get feedback from people in more than 100 countries.

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