About this workshop

In this hands-on UX workshop, you’ll join Joe Formica in testing designs live, and receiving immediate feedback from real users. Walk away with practical research skills and make data-driven design decisions to boost your UX expertise!

Interactive design challenge

Take on the role of a designer for Study Session, an app that helps parents find the perfect tutor for their child (K-12).

Live testing

Test your design changes and get results from real users & receive immediate feedback to see if improvements were made.

Real-world application

Address a high drop-off issue in the app’s onboarding process, ensuring parents feel confident in finding the right tutor.

You'll learn how to

Conduct research on a budget

Learn how to gather valuable insights without breaking the bank.

Use Lyssna for quick results

Get comfortable with Lyssna to get fast, actionable feedback on your designs.

Set up effective split tests

Understand the mechanics of split tests & how they can improve your designs.

Integrate testing into your workflow

Discover a range of test types that will help you add testing to your UX program.

Your instructor

Joe Formica, Founder of Bitesize UX, spent eight years as a Distinguished Faculty Member teaching UX Design at General Assembly in New York. He also created and taught Entrepreneurship courses at Fordham University Business School. In these roles, he has helped thousands of designers-in-training to take the next steps in their careers.

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