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Automate interview bookings with our Microsoft Outlook integration

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About Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Calendar is a versatile scheduling and time management tool integrated within the Microsoft Outlook suite. It enables users to effortlessly organize appointments, meetings, and events while offering features like reminders, recurring events, and the ability to share calendars with others. It integrates with email, contacts, and other Microsoft Office applications to enhance productivity and coordination. 



How this integration works

When you connect your Microsoft Outlook to Lyssna you make it easier to schedule moderated research. This integration allows you to:

  • Sync Microsoft Outlook with your user interviews.

  • Allow qualified participants to automatically see availability for sessions and book a time that works for everyone. The platform will automatically cross-check across multiple calendars, including multiple hosts.

  • Automatically send confirmations and reminders to hosts and participants.

  • Reschedule bookings for moderators and participants, if required.

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How do I connect my Microsoft Outlook account to Lyssna?
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Is this integration available on all Lyssna plans?
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Can I disconnect my Microsoft Outlook account from Lyssna?
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How does Lyssna ensure the privacy and security of my data?
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