Today we say goodbye to UsabilityHub and hello to Lyssna.

In 2008, UsabilityHub started as a simple five second test. Led by co-founders Mateja Milosavljevic, Tristan Gamilis, and Nicholas Firth-McCoy, we've since expanded to offer a wide range of usability testing methodologies, boast a vast participant panel, and have recently added interview studies to our offering. Today, over 320,000 designers, marketers, product leaders, and researchers use our platform to deeply understand their audience and move in the right direction – faster.

With growth and change comes a need for transformation. 

Your brand is so much more than your name and logo. It’s your company, your product, your vision, and how you present yourself to the world. When executed well, a good brand strategy unifies your entire organization, forming the foundation upon which you stand. So it makes sense that with our growth, our brand needed to evolve too. Our name, UsabilityHub, served us well when we were primarily focused on usability testing. However, we now have a broader offering and an even bigger vision.

It was time to take it back to the foundations. 

So we spoke with our internal team, connected with over 145 customers, conducted market research, held several workshops, and really dug into who we are, what we wanted to achieve, and who we wanted to solve for.

Our why

As Simon Sinek famously shared, it starts with the why. Why is it we exist? 

Human centered design is an approach to problem solving that actively involves the people we're designing solutions for. This approach emphasizes empathy, iterations, and ensures solutions improve the experience for the people they're designed for.

Our solutions were built around this principle. We help our users put people at the heart of solutions so that together we can improve the quality of experiences in the world. The focus here is on human connection and facilitating that in an accessible, iterative, and agile way so that solutions can meet the specific needs, contexts, and behaviors of end users. Whether that's software to conduct this research with your own end users, or access to end users for those who don’t have their own audience to test with. 

This is our why – to put people at the heart of solutions to improve the quality of experiences in the world.

It’s about connecting people that are designing things with people that are being designed for, and ensuring that those two groups of people understand each other really, really well. That results in better outcomes.

Matt Milosavljevic

CEO at Lyssna

Our values and personality

When I joined as Director of Marketing, I was refreshed and touched by the values displayed by the team. From the way the exec team collaborated, the empathy that was displayed and the genuine care for everyone and their experience in the workplace — it honestly felt like a very special place. From profit sharing and ESOP, to investing in international offsites, and partnering with The Life You Can Save to contribute a percentage of revenue every year to help improve the quality of experiences for people in the world. This is a group of people who walk the talk, and these values are what has shaped our new brand values.

Brand values are the core beliefs and principles that define what your brand stands for and how it operates. They shape your company's character, influence its culture, and guide decision-making at every level. These values often reflect what a company believes to be right, important, and worthwhile. They should resonate with customers, employees, and stakeholders, providing a sense of what the company represents beyond its products or services.

Lyssna has six core brand values:

  • We collaborate openly: We’re better together. We use collaboration, transparency, and inclusivity to power our success.

  • We listen to understand: We listen closely to people. At the heart of our success is a deep curiosity to understand people’s experiences, feelings, and behaviors.

  • We iterate constantly: We never stop learning. We iterate, test, and repeat to continuously discover new insights and solutions.

  • We act with integrity: We prioritize authenticity, honesty, and fairness in all our interactions.

  • We solve meaningful problems: We focus our efforts to address only the most meaningful challenges and prioritize the most impactful solutions.

  • We are bold: We have the courage, ambition, and bravery to bring big ideas to life.

In addition to our brand values, we have established a new brand personality. This set of human characteristics we attribute to our brand, giving us a unique and relatable identity. Just as humans have personalities that define their behaviors, attitudes, and reactions, brands too can exude certain personality traits that consumers can relate to.

Here at Lyssna we are trusted, intuitive, curious, vibrant, approachable, competent, and collaborative. We aren't authoritative, indecisive, flashy, adorable, cold, deferential, or aggressive.

Introducing our new brand identity

A new name

We see listening as the foundation of human connection and understanding. Our new name, Lyssna, means TO LISTEN in Swedish. This is at the heart of our experience research mission. 

Our logo 

Our new logo is a combination of elements related to our brand and what we offer. The lowercase ‘l’ from Lyssna, the loop of continuous research, and a soundwave that talks to the feedback we hear. 

We’ve also refreshed our sub-brand logos for UserCrowd and Five Second Test. 

When we started this process we knew we wanted to keep our vibrancy and energy, while focusing on the human side of research. Our new color palette, along with our illustrations, conveys this.

To focus on the human side of research, we have used a serif font for headings, hand drawn textures, hand cut shapes, and people in two different photography styles.

As a software platform, an important part of our imagery is how we depict the platform in our marketing. We wanted to ensure that we stayed true to the UI while highlighting certain features or functionality. To do this we've taken true elements of the UI and greyed out unnecessary sections to show a certain feature or element.

What won’t change

While many things have changed – our name, how we look, and our expanded vision – one thing that remains the same is the team behind our product. The passionate individuals who support you daily, those who strive to build you the best and highest quality product, and our leadership – remain constant. 

What’s next

We're thrilled to continue to help you deeply understand your audience so that you can continue to create better experiences for your end users. We have some exciting new features on the horizon and we can’t wait to share them with you. 

We'd love to hear your feedback on the rebrand. Feel free to reach out to us at or chat with us in-app. You can also check out our FAQs in the help center.

We're beyond excited for this next phase of growth. We're so grateful for the people who use our product, champion it, and connect with us to help make it the best possible solution. Together, we can improve experiences in the world.

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